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Lucksickco Artist Feature - International Punks

When you think of art, what comes to mind? Do you envision the wall canvas prints for sale at TJ max? Do you envision giant galleries full of impossible creations? Well, for Lucksickco’s newest featured art company International Punks, art means – digital 8-bit styled ethnically diverse traditional headwear.

An extremely culturally driven NFT or non fungible token company, International Punks decided to focus on headwear because all around the globe it symbolizes relationships; Whether it be a personal relationship, a culture driven connection, historical significance - or all of the above. This company wants to highlight the diversity, inclusivity, and significance of fashion from all over the world! While lots of companies do their best to accurately promote diversity in a trendy way, only international punks would have thought that this idea needed the extra touch of a retro gaming 8 bit photo format!

So far, International punks has an NFT cap of 10,000 Punks that are allowed to exist. Each International Punk is intelligently and algorithmically generated with one of their 35 traditional headwear and 1 or more of a customer's favorite CryptoPunks accessory from glasses to cigars. The mother site offers NFT minting for every punk at usually reasonable prices! (The gas fee spike is not their fault nor is it any other direct companies - it's just the times). Currently, there are 4296 punks out of 10,000! If you're a collector of digital art, definitely head over and mint your punk today before they're all snatched up!

If the draw to grab a piece of limited edition art that is constantly increasing in value isn't enough, they also offer a post launching flight plan for NFT holders! The company just hit 26% of their minting goal , and are offering prizes for users upon hitting the 50% goal - a total prize pool of 15,000$ USD!

Their original drop took place on august 27th, 2021 at 6:00 pm! Currently, you can mint an International Punk for 0.01 ETH on their website, which fortunately for us hasn't changed yet since their drop - seeing as it was rather recent! The higher the rarity score of your Punk, the more it will be worth now, and down the line! Mint, collect, and have fun!

We were fortunate enough to score an interview Q&A with a member of the company! Thanks again for that, 'The Viking'! Keep scrolling to get some insider information on what they've been up to - and because we're nosy - what they plan to do next!

1 – What was the inspiration that started this project?

Our love for traveling and exploring new places. We wanted to teach people about different cultures and thought hats was the best way to do it because of 1, how cool they looked and 2, everyone wears hats!

2 - What originally got you started in the cryptocurrency and crypto art world?

Mainstream attention, friends who where making money from both trading and selling their artwork.

3 – What is the diverse and cultural significance in this project for you personally as the artists working on it?

I think for us it is about portraying different cultures/countries through their traditional headwear, we hope to educate people on different cultures through the hat they purchased. Most people are unfamiliar with certain cultures but if you mint one of our hats the chances are you will google the hat then learn about where it comes from. Also, everyone loves hats 😊

We are all Australian, but all have a diverse blood line (Japan, Poland, Ireland)

4 – How big is your team currently?

We have 5 wonderful people in our team currently, but no doubt we will be expanding over the next few weeks as we start to grow.

5 – When did work on this project officially start?

We were working on this for around 2 weeks before we launched which was now a week ago – we sat on the idea for a while though, haha!

6 – Do you all plan on releasing another line of NFT’s after this project is done? Any hints to what we can expect in the future?

We have thought of some cool ways to expand the project such as voxel characters for each hat, even 3D-ifying the characters. Again, nothing set in stone just ideas, our main focus is growing this current project out.

7 – Do you consider yourselves crypto experts, intermediates, or still learning the ropes?

I would say intermediates.

8 – Would your company be interested in being featured in a 1 of 1 collab line of apparel by Lucksickco?

Yeah of course 😊

9 - Are there any special requests or ideas you have for a potential apparel collaboration with us, or something your extended team might like to see in a design?

Could we take some time to think about this and get back to you?

10 – Where can our readers find you and your work on social media?

11- How long does it take to mint an International Punk?

You can mint a punk via our website through our mint function. All you need to do is connect your meta mask and you’re away.

12- How did you decide on your unique art style and name?

We loved the punk craze that was going on and decided use that to our advantage hence why we decided to add the hats onto the punks. Being that we were using the punks we needed to include them into the name “punks” and international is strong word for what we were doing.

13 – Approximately how many more accessory traits and hats are still out there to be discovered?

There are still over 5000 mints available. We only released 11 aliens and so far only one has been found.

14 – In your opinion, does getting into NFT’s get you closer to your career or financial goals? How long does it take to see progress as a beginner? Any tips for those out there looking to get into this world?

I think we live in a day and age where making money has become increasingly easier to do VS our parents. I think people are proving that crypto and NFT’s can be a great way to reach financial goals, but like anything you need to do your own research/educate yourself as well as learn to be patient.

15 – What is your next goal in the crypto art world?

Our goal for now is international punks and growing this project – haven’t really thought of our next one as of yet… But you’ll be first to know when we do 😊

16 – How do you feel about the progress so far that you all have made with international punks?

We are super happy with the progress – we love how strong the community has become over the last few days.

17 – Is being a part of an NFT company a full-time job for you? What do you do for fun?

Right now, it is a full-time job for all of us.

18 – What are your favorite places to look for more art inspiration? Any favorite NFT artists or companies?

Opensea gives us a lot of inspiration – flicking through new projects always gives you a light bulb moment. We also follow big NFT investors on twitter who keep us up to date on trends. Our favorite project at the moment is BAYC, they set the benchmark for how communities should be built off the back of NFTS.

19 – Any last notes you want to say to anyone curious about international punks?

The project is still relatively new (1 week) but we have some cool things we’ve already started to implement community driven activities such as poker nights, we recently streamed the Jake Paul fight and watched it with our community. I think any good project has to think about what will keep to community together and fun at the same time.

Lucksickco is proud as pie to feature International Punks as our first artist project feature - and we wish everyone happy minting! We are over the moon to have front row seats to watching what comes next in their artistic and professional journey.

-Written by Sasha Lee September 2nd, 2021

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