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Charity of the Month!

Hey y'all! l u c k s i c k CO is very excited to announce our new philanthropic undertaking we're gonna be launching here in the coming weeks!

If you know us, you know that we love to give. Sharing our art, apparel, accessories, ideas, etc. You may not be aware, but a portion of the proceeds from each purchase made on our website will be donated to charity.

Each month, we'll pick a new charity to donate to, spreading the love far and wide. If you want to find out more about the charity of the month, there will be a corresponding blog post for each new charity where you can read about what they do, who they support, and why we chose them. Given the variety of well-deserving organizations to donate to, we can't possibly know them all.

That said, we'd love to hear from YOU! Is there a non-profit organization you work with or one that resonates with you that you'd like to see supported? If so, please submit your suggestions to with the subject line "Charity of the Month- (YourSubmissionHere)".

While we can't guarantee every submission will be chosen, we appreciate you and the time taken from your day & applaud your attitude of gratitude! Giving makes the world go round. Help us to put more of generosity & compassion into the universe!

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