All About Us

l u c k s i c k CO  was founded on the belief that no two people are alike. Everyone is unique in their own, beautiful way.


Hey y'all! I'm Grace and I own LSCO with my husband Mike. On the spectrum of clothing to canvas; from accessories to digital art, each of our pieces is carefully curated with our message in mind... 'Cherish what makes you different and hold those characteristics in the highest esteem; Be certain in the value of your uniqueness.' All our items are crafted with fiery creativity, serene mindfulness, and a deep gratitude for deviation, divergence, diversity. 


My husband Mike brings an unparalleled energy to our team with a strong reverence for those brave enough not to be a follower. Mike, being a seasoned professional in Cryptocurrency Wealth Management, has a keen eye for incorporating some of the names to look out for; fine details on specific trends; and on a macro level, the cultural ideals of the crypto ecosystem and helps to bring them to light through our art. 


Cryptocurrency is a direct deviation from the traditional banking system and censorship we have come to know. Not only is the crypto space the biggest technological advancement since the Internet, but what we believe is the implicit goal of the industry, to break down the deeply engrained societal norms and rebuild in a light of your own, is the very concept that we at LSCO seek to impart and most importantly, empower.

Being different has always been seen as taboo, and as such it's been feared by many and faced by few.


What makes someone or something special has slowly been stifled by society for one reason or another. Here at l u c k s i c k CO., we want to show any & all that abundance is just on the other side of fear. We encourage you to be unapologetically you & are inspired by all your journey's, as well as, our own.

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